“A King In A Cave – interview with Josh McElhaney” – BTPP 017

Main Topic: Interview with Josh McElhaney

[Author: Tim Lucas]

Josh McElhaney is Pastor of Life Church in Tyler Texas, and author of the book “A King In A Cave“.

Josh didn’t have the “textbook” upbringing as a minister’s kid with no adversity in life, with a direct path to preaching by the age of 16. I don’t think anyone actually has that, but anyways. He faced his share of adversity, from seeing his parents arrested, to doubters trying to convince him ministry would never feed his family. But he stuck it out, and today can look back on it as all part of what got him to where he is today.

Connect with Josh:
Grounded In Truth – Josh’s Blog
Josh on FaceBook
Life Church – Josh’s Church

Show notes:

  • How did you decide to write the book? [1:34]
  • The main point of the book is learning to embrace where you are, and recognizing that it is preparing you for God’s ultimate design for you. [2:54]
  • Josh didn’t come from a minister’s home, and not even from a Christian home, which led to feelings of unworthiness. [3:34]
  • He didn’t feel a particular call to preaching, but just followed God one step at a time[5:21]
  • Many pastors encourage young men to attend secular college before pursuing the ministry so they can support their family, what happened to trusting in God. [8:40]
  • If you don’t feel like you know how to pray, start with just 15 minutes first thing in the morning. Soon you will begin to crave prayer. [12:55]
  • “The path your mind travels, your feet will one day follow” [15:42]
  • “Beauty of solitude” – many fear being alone. But actually it is in those moments of solitude that God uses to shape us into the minister he designed us to be. [16:35]
  • Some think by being a bi-vocational minister you will lack respect, but typically the opposite is true. [21:28]
  • “you don’t just wake up one day with the anointing to deliver a nation, anointing is not defined by your calling, anointing must be nurtured over time.”[24:01]
  • If you want to become a write just go for it. Most of us have a book inside of us, we just haven’t written it. [28:29]
  • Most ministers face three specific challenges illustrated in the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. [32:40]

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