About Us

We are Tim Lucas, Nigel Ali, and Ryan Goff; and we host Behind the Pulpit Podcast. This show is aimed at young ministers and young people considering ministry. We are all young ministers who don’t have all the answers but are asking the questions you are asking, and talking about the things you want to talk about.

My Pastor, Art Hodges, says every minister needs three people in their life: 1 – a mentor, someone who has done what you want to do; 2 – peers, people who are passionate about what you are passionate about and on the same journey you are on; 3 – people you are leading, people on the same path as you, but not as far along on the journey. We want to fill two of those roles. First we want to include you in our conversations and be that peer for you, the person that is on the same path as you that can walk beside you. Secondly we will fill the role of mentor by having successful veteran ministers on our show.

weddingTim Lucas – I grew up in Tokyo, Japan as the son of a missionary. From a very early age I felt called to some sort of ministry but wasn’t absolutely sure if it was going to be a pulpit ministry or not. I went to Gateway College of Evangelism for 3 years and then 4 years at Apostolic Bible Institute. While there I met my lovely wife, and became assured of my calling to a preaching ministry. My time at ABI has proved to be absolutely foundational in everything I have done in ministry since. After graduating and getting married, my wife and I made the long drive to San Diego, California where we eventually became youth pastor under Pastor Art Hodges, and had our two children: Judah and Charlotte.

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