“Bible School’s Effect On Us” – BTPP 011

Main Topic: Bible School’s Effect On Us

3:09 How each of us ended up at Apostolic Bible Institute
3:09 – Nigel
8:49 – Ryan
16:58 – Tim

—Some of the benefits of going to Bible School—
21:00 Friendships – While I am so against networking for the sake of “getting ahead”, there is so much value in having relationships with ministry minded people that can be there beside you to encourage you when you need it. It is so comforting at times to be reminded that you are in fact not alone. 

25:08 Quality of Faculty – Opportunity to be around seasoned, veteran, front of the pack, ministers. –  At ABI in particular, due to the way they do their concentrated studies you get the opportunity to rub shoulders with men like, Art Hodges III, Norman Pasley, Sidney Poe, Kelsey Griffin, Gerald Grant, Bill Chapman, Greg Joki, Jack Leaman, Ron Brown, Arlo Moehlenpah, James Merrick, Dan Fleming, Dave Ferrell and the like.

31:16 Practical Experience – A huge benefit of Bible School is the opportunity to actually be involved in “producing” the service.  You get to learn to emcee a service, to lead worship, to play instruments for worship service, to preach all in a safe place where a mistake is in front of others who are just learning instead of in front of a huge church that will likely make fun of you.

We also got the opportunity to go on a “ministry tour” to several churches and gain valuable experience in interpersonal relations that are involved in ministry and in having church.

Several Ministers have made the observation that in the 4 years you spend at Bible School you will get the equivalent of 10 to 15 year ministry experience.

38:40 Teaches you to put together Biblically accurate, logically consistent sermons. All too often untrained ministers preach sermons that are not Biblically based, and not even logically consistent with itself. At Bible School you are taught that those sermons are not acceptable.

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