“Fighting the Flesh” – BTPP 010

Main Topic: Fighting the Flesh

1:05 We have three enemies of our soul
1) Satan
2) The World
3) Our Flesh

2:23 Flesh is defined not as our physical body, but rather as our human sinful nature.

5:47 Because of our prevailing culture, it can be hard for us in the western world to accept that there are things that we want to do that we shouldn’t do. 

8:35 For an in depth look at specifically guarding against moral failure go to “Guarding Against Moral Failure”: BTPP 004

9:30 Our most effective weapon is the Word of God. We all know that we are in a war. We all know that our only offensive weapon is the Word of God. But what does it look like practically when we are using the Bible to fight the battles we face?

11:10 Difference between lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh. Lust of the flesh is dealing more with the sensual and sexual lusts that we typically think of when we hear the word “lust”. Lust of the eyes is compulsively and obsessively coveting over some thing.

17:45 One of the biggest ways we indulge our flesh is by feeding on hollywood. 

25:00 A good policy for our entertainment choices is to not watch anything we can’t pray while we do it. 

29:36 The Bible gives us clear instruction on how to fight each of the enemies of our soul including our flesh. [The Devil we are to resist, the world we are to come out from.] Our flesh we must crucify.

35:00 Fast one day a week, and pray one hour a day, and you will hardly have to battle your flesh. 

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