“Finding Ministry Opportunities” Pt 1 – BTPP 013

Main Topic: Finding Ministry Opportunities Pt 1

[Author: Tim Lucas]

In Nigel’s recent travels as an evangelist a common concern among ministers has been that they have talented young people who refuse to do the work of ministry unless they are paid. When I heard this I was absolutely floored. I have never heard anyone say anything like this and can’t believe someone would actually voice this kind of thinking. 

While I would love to be “full-time” in ministry (fully supported by ministry) I realize that is not a reality for likely quite sometime. Let me dispel a false notion that some have. Except in very unusual and rare cases, your first ministry position will not be paid. You will actually probably have to spend money in supplies, gas money, and the like without reimbursement. Even after completing 4 years of Bible School very few graduates immediately go into a compensated position and even fewer into a full-time position. If money is part of why you want to be a minister you need to change career paths quickly, maybe sell shoes, but don’t pursue ministry because it will only lead to disappointment.

If you are just beginning in ministry and looking for a place to go, you are typically going to be better off finding a place you can serve under a mentor than trying to find a place that will pay you.

And when you do become fully supported by ministry don’t expect to have a easy; start late, go home early; play golf all the time kind of job. I have a big problem with people who get paid by the church and take advantage of it. If you wouldn’t take a two hour lunch from a “regular job”, you shouldn’t take one from a church job. You should work more hours, and harder for God and his kingdom than you ever did for just a paycheck from a human employer.

But back to the original question we are discussing today, what would you say if you were ministering in a church and someone came up and started complaining that Pastor never gave them a chance to preach. My first response would be how many Bible studies are you teaching? If you can’t be bothered to teach a Bible study, why should you the pastor give you valuable pulpit time.

If someone really wants to you really want a chance to preach go to a nursing home. Nursing homes are great places to preach without a high pressure audience. Preaching in nursing homes are great training for learning to just preach and not worry about the response, it also helps you to not get so flustered with disturbances in the audience. Or call the jail and see if they will let you hold a service there.

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