“Interview with Missionary Richard Lucas Pt. 1” – BTPP005

Interview Pt 1:

0:58: The Power of Focus and Habits – The Bible talks a lot about putting off and putting on. Repentance is when we turn away from sin and turn to God. Eph 4:22-24 putting off the old man, putting on the new. it is important to replace bad habits with good habits, not just try to get rid of the bad habits. Everyday I work on putting off one habit that is a hindrance and making me ineffective and replacing that with one positive habit.  The Power of Focus says “Successful people have successful people and unsuccessful people don’t”.

03:18 Time is life – I cannot be a profitable servant if I don’t use my time in a profitable way.

04:18 We are all full-time ministers/Christians – God needs people in the marketplace being a light to the world. Everything we do should be done as unto the Lord.

07:20 A minister’s relationship with the Lord is by far the most important thing. – If we are connected to the vine (Jesus) we WILL bare fruit.

09:58 Story of the impact of the Elms family on Bro Lucas’ life. – Great example of faithful ministering Christians. Respected the ministry and would never speak negatively of any minister in their home.

13:20 Danger for children hearing parents criticize ministry or saints. – Will cause children to lose faith in ministry and church.

20:40 Value of Bible School even after being licensed as a minister with a good career. – The corporate world financially rewards people who invest in preparing themselves to be a successful employee; God rewards and uses those who invest in preparing themselves for ministry.

26:00 Bible School’s influence on Bro Lucas’ ministry. – Taught me how to study, how to organize thought, how to present information in a logical manner. The key to gettin te most out of Bible School is to give away everything you llearn to someone else.

29:00 How did you go about starting the work in Japan when you first arrived? 

33:00 What are some common traits among “sucessful” ministers? – One thing that is so important is to be loyal to the Word of God, Not ultimately loyal to a man or an organization.

37:00 Two concerns about our organization. – 1) Over emphasis of human leadership ability and training 2) lack of dependency on hearing from God.

45:25 I feel as a Pastor I have three responsbilities. – 1) To preach the gospel to the lost. (evangelistic service) 2) To teach general Bible knowledge. 3)…


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