“Interview with Missionary Richard Lucas Pt. 2” – BTPP006

Interview Pt 2:

1:28: The most successful method of reaching unsaved people- Home Bible studies allow you to have one on one interaction and build relationships that are very effective in winning people to the Lord. 

07:28 The key to a multicultural congregation – Loving people, and reaching for everyone God places in your life.

11:35 As a missionary you are able to see churches from our organization all across America and Canada, What observations have you made from this wide angle view? – It seems year by year we are having more and more young ministers that are committed to teaching godly lifestyle and holiness not just from a rules perspective but as an outflow of a relationship with God. Also it is obvious to me that we are experiencing widespread growth all across our nation.

17:40 How do you think we in America can successfully reach out to the Japanese community? – Japanese people are like anybody else. Where ever you go in the world you have to love people, respect them, and be friendly. You have to talk to them. It is said in sales, “if we will let people talk, they will tell us how to sell them”. Another good idea is to invite them to a cookout, everybody loves to come to a cookout.

24:45 For someone that is interested in getting involved in foreign missions work, what would you suggest they do to head in that direction? – First of all pray and seek God for direction. There is no one right answer. Some of the programs you can look into are AIM (Associates In Missions), NextSteps, and AYC.

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