“Killing Comfort Zone” – BTPP035

Main Topic: “Killing Comfort Zone”

[Author: Tim Lucas]


This episode was inspired by a POST (“Goodbye, Comfort Zone!“) on the “A Chosen Peculiar Mom” blog (the blog written by Tim’s wife) in which she talked about challenging our church to get out of our comfort zone and doing what is necessary to see our church grow and move forward.

It reminded me of a couple quotes I had recently heard by Roy T. Bennet.

           “You never change your life until you step out of
your  comfort zone. Change begins at the end of you
comfort zone.”

“do not lie to yourself we have to be honest and take
risks rather than lie to ourselves, and make excuses
to stay in our comfort zone”.

There are actually three sides to the discussion of doing the necessary uncomfortable thing.

1. Doing the necessary things that we all know need to be done to have success but are not comfortable, like prayer, fasting, devotions.

2. Doing things that you have never done before like talking to strangers, taking risks. (taking risks is a necessary part of faith)

3. Doing things at uncomfortable times, like when you are tired, when you have other recreational things planned. etc.

One of the reasons we are feel uncomfortable doing some things is because we have a so-called fear of failure. What the Lord dealt with me the other day is that often “fear of failure” is actually fear of failing in front of people. We aren’t actually afraid of failing but of people knowing that we failed.

It would be a long list if we started listing all the opportunities both in the natural and spiritual we have missed because of our unwillingness to get outside our comfort zone.



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