“Listener Feedback and Questions” – BTPP 019

Main Topic: Listener Feedback and Questions

[Author: Tim Lucas]

For this episode we decided to make YOU the special guest. That’s right!

We went through some FaceBook posts, some emails, read the best ones and responded to some of the questions you had. We have had substantial growth in listnership over the last month and we are completely convinced it is because you, the listener has been sharing on FaceBook what we are doing. Thank you so much. Also if you want another way to show your support we would love if you would leave us a 5 star rating and a stellar review in iTunes; here is a shortcut link for you. Click here to review us

Links mentioned in show:

Billy Cole “spiritual preperation” YouTube Playlist

Ministerial Training Courses/sites
Ministry Central
Christian Service Training Institute
– Purpose Institue

How to Read a Book by: Mortimer Adler  

Show notes:

  • How do you diferentiate between a ministry opportunity and a time-waster?
  • How to prepare for Bible College in order to get the most out of it?
  • What can I do to make up for not going to Bible College?
  • Songs we CANNOT stand. (Because they are so incredibly difficult to worship to)

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