“Man UP – interview with Nate Thompson” – BTPP 018

Main Topic: Interview with Nate Thompson

[Author: Tim Lucas]

Nate Thompson is the co-founder of Man UP Adventures an organization that uses wilderness adventures to teach men to embrace Biblical Masculinity.


A man up adventure is 3 days 4 nights in the wilderness full of physical challenges, experiential learning, intimate campfires, inspired instruction and bonding with other men on a pursuit of Biblical manhood. The decline of the man in my opinion has been one of the biggest factors in the decline in american culture. Strong men make strong families, strong families make strong churches, strong church make and influence strong communities, strong communities make for a strong culture

Show notes:

  • What is Man up all about? [1:21]
  • Man UP is all about guiding men into authentic Biblical manhood. We believe that God knows best what it means to be a man, and so we look to his instruction. The world has a lot of charactures of what it means to be a man, but that’s not what being a man is all about. [1:31]
  • What does it mean to be a real man? [3:04]
  • One of the things we focus on is A real man must reject passivity. It is a common tendancy for us to struggle with this. When we contrast Adam and Jesus we immediately notice Adam’s passivity, and Jesus’ rejection of passivity. [3:43]
  • How did Man UP adventures come to be [6:43]
  • Do you feel like there is something special about the wilderness that you don’t get any other way, that helps facilitate the transformation? [15:31]
  • What is the long term direction of Man UP? [22:28]
  • So many of these type of things seem to not have much long lasting effect, but Man UP seems to be different, what do you think some of the factors contributing to that are?[38:09]
  • What are some of the things Father’s can do to help their sons grow up and become men? [47:09]

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