“Preventing Burnout” – BTPP 008

Main Topic: Preventing Burnout

7:05 What is the difference between burnout and stress?
Burnout is characterized by disengagement,
    Stress is characterized by over-engagement.
–  Burnout causes emotions to be blunted,
    Stress causes emotions to be over-reactive.
–  Burnout results in emotional exhaustion,
    Stress results in physical exhaustion,
–  Burnout results in emotional exhaustion,
    Stress results in physical exhaustion,

13:40 Importance of maintain the oil in our lamp.
an oil burning lamp will burn as long as their is oil in the lamp. The moment the oil is gone, the lamp keeps burning; but it is the wick, the lamp itself that is burning. When the wick burns irreparable damage is done to the wick. And if oil is not added soon the lamp will extinguish as it “burns out”.

18:10 Must have a consistent relationship with God.
In both prevention of burnout and recovery from burnout, focusing on maintaining a close, consistent relationship with God is the number one thing. We have to be careful to not let “ministry” get in between us and our devotional life. It is especially important for young ministers who are trying to split their attention with a wife, children, growing ministry, and a secular job, and still find time to get alone with God.

22:35 Rant about people who discredit “bodily exercise” by taking scripture out of context.
Paul, in 1 Timothy 4, is not talking about physical exercise when he says “bodily exercise” profits little. He is contrasting it with exercising oneself unto godliness, and specifically references old wives fables. So he was saying stop “exercising” man made traditions and instead exercise unto godliness.

26:15 Physical exercise is a crucial component of keeping ourselves balanced as ministers.

26:34 We need to get away.
Divert Daily – 1 hour a day of diversion. Physical exercise, Hobby, etc.
Withdraw Weekly – 1 day a week of doing NO MINISTRY
work, preferably doing nothing at all.
Abandon Annually – completely disconnect for 1-2 weeks. No calls
to congregation, no email, must completely ABANDON.

31:20 Every man needs a cave.
We have to get rid of our mentality that ministers should always be working ourselves to death. After almost every time he ministered Jesus would withdraw from the crowd, often even from his disciples. 

35:40 Another crucial thing is to have other ministers you are closely connected to.   Having people you are comfortable with will automatically make you so much more burnout resistant. When you are low on passion they will bring you up. Just being around other ministers you are close with will keep you more focused and less likely to stray.

40:35 Burnout is not caused by doing too much.
Few of us would claim to be more overloaded with ministry than Paul, Jesus, or any of the other disciples. Even in the business world there are entrepreneurs that put in 90 hours per week to get their business off the ground and they don’t get burnout.

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