“Reboot and Pastor Nigel” – BTPP 036

    Main Topic: “Reboot and Pastor Nigel”

[Author: Tim Lucas]

In this episode…

Well It’s been a few months since we recorded, but WE ARE BACK!

We have been trying to record for awhile but due to life circumstances we have been having problems getting together.

What life changes you ask?

Nigel is now a Pastor. He moved from North Texas to Minnesota and became Pastor of a church in Andover Minnesota. Also Tim moved across town to a new house. Between those things and the holidays, getting together has been tough.


Mostly this is a short, “we are back”,  and here is why we have been gone episode. Also, we shout out Josiah Rodriguez who designed a logo for us at no cost!

In the next episode, we will talk about some exciting things Tim’s church has started that is very exciting.

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