“Success In Ministry” – BTPP007

Main Topic: Success In Ministry

8:40 What is ministerial success
Are you feeding the sheep of God?
–  Success is not a destination but rather a journey.
– ultimately our final success is when Jesus says to us “well done                thou good and faithful servant.” 

– Jesus defines the successful as “well done thou good and faithful                      servant” To be success”


16:00 In many cases I’m not sure Jesus would have measured up to many of our standards of success – The “end” (what seemed like the end at the time) of his ministry Jesus had just 12 disciples and of that 12, 1 betrayed him, another denied even knowing him, and the rest pretty much all scattered.

17:45 Even the success of those 12 disciples can’t be defined by numbers.
They went from 500 at the ascension all the way down to 120 in 7 to 10 days. but then by the end of that day they had 3,000 added.

20:35 Part of success is how are you doing making disciples. We are all called to make disciples. If we take church “attendees” and make them disciples, we are more successful than if we take sinners and just fill up our roster sheets.

22:20 Another component of ministerial success is family. As a minister our first ministry is to our family. If we have a church of 500 but our family is suffering we aren’t being successful. Noah won nobody but his family but is considered a success. The opposite example is Lot. He couldn’t even save his own family.

33:00 The most boiled down concept of ministerial success is “saying what God tells you to say, and do what God tells you to do”. Jeremiah is not what we would think of as a failure, but when you look at “results” he didn’t have very many.

34:57 We cannot forget LOVE. In 2 Cor 13 we see the necessity of love. Doing all the right things without love is like fingernails on chalkboard to God.

37:30 I really think we are going to be shocked when we see eternal rewards handed out.

38:13 This topic is so important for young ministers because otherwise we are almost guaranteed to become disappointed maybe even disillusioned if we don’t have a balanced view of grow.


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